Jennifer Worden

Hello to all my name is Jennifer I am a proud mother of 4 amazing children and a wife of the most amazing man in the world.  Sounds wonderful lol we have our share of problems.   I have 3 girls 13,7,and 10 months and a boy 11 yes I know poor my hubby and son.  We also have 4 dogs and a cat and yes out of all those animals only two boys lol.  I am a store manager at a bank here in town and also sell Scentsy on the side I Joined Scentsy about 3 months ago and have been with the bank almost 5 years.  I started selling Scentsy because I love it and use it so much it only made scents to get the discount since then I have started a web pages (http://www.thebestscentstore.com )and have been doing lots of work to get it up and going many late nights on the net learning about how to do all this fun stuff.  Its so much fun and I would have never thought it would be so much work and there is so much to do hats off to people that put this great info on the web for newbies like myself to learn.   I work a lot and play with my family pretty much my life is work and my family wish I had more time with my family but that is life any spare time I have is spent with my family.


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